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Is your recruiting team prepared to handle the complexities and intricacies that come along with hyper growth? Learn from Moriah and Racheli, both talent acquisition managers at Gartner MQ Leader, Sisense. Hear how they successfully tripled their global employee headcount in less than 12 months.

You'll Learn

How to streamline recruiting process for hypergrowth

Global recruiting communication best practices 

What technology was critical to their success

The importance of employee referrals in their growth






Moriah Eliad is the Talent Acquisition Manager at Sisense; a recognized, award-winning business analytics software company. Moriah, who is based in New York has focused her career on technology recruitment focused on finding exceptional talent for fast-growing companies.

Racheli Kamerling, Global

Talent Acquisition Manager

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Shining a Spotlight on Innovative Recruiting

Moriah Eliad, North American 

Talent Acquisition Manager

Racheli Kamerling is a Talent Acquisition Manager for Sisense based in Israel. Her career has been focused on helping a number of well-known and emerging technology companies prior to Sisense including EMC and Red Hat scale their hiring and recruiting efforts.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, Founder of


Jessica Miller-Merrell, is workplace change agent focused on human resources and talent acquisition. Recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer. She's the founder of Workology and the host of the Workology Podcast. 

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