A Recruiting Process Where's Everyone Connected & Engaged

  • The HR team at the world's largest online freelance services marketplace first looked to applicant tracking to streamline recruiting
  • After struggling with ATS limitations, it deployed Comeet, a flexible recruiting platform that has finally made global collaboration a reality
  • Fiverr's hotshot recruiting team is now seamlessly connected between the Tel Aviv, New York, Miami and Chicago offices, and talent acquisition has a much higher profile aross the organization

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Fiverr's Shortcut to Building a Global Workforce 


“Comeet is life-changing HR software”

"A lot* of people at Fiverr who don't have formal HR titles are really involved with recruiting now. That's a big change from before Comeet."  - Viki Alper, HR & Recruiting, Fiverr

 *As of July 2017, more than 90 Fiverr employees are regular Comeet users

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